Each type of Somyeol gives a different amount of points.

Normal Somyeol Somyella Wheelchair Somyeol
10points 10points 20points
Diver Somyeol Fat Somyeol Pimpeol
10points 25points 10points
Pogo Somyeol Small Somyeol Evil Somyeol
10points 5points -100points
Ghost Somyeol Inverted Somyeol
10points 15points


The goal of the game is to rescue as many Somyeols as possible into the rocket. To complete a level the player must also reach a minimum amount of points which is shown at the beginning. If you can´t beat a level don´t give up! You can skip up to two levels by going into the level selection and select the next one.

The total score used for the ranking is an invisible score calculated out of the Somyeols saved and time taken. Rescuing more Somyeols gives more points as taking less time. If you want to get a better online score it is essential to maximize the Somyeols saved while minimizing the time taken.


Trophys are golden items found troughout the game. To collect a trophy it must be touched with a Somyeol and the level must be completed successfully. If not enough points are reached the trophy will not be saved as collected.

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